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Residential Insulation

The right foam for your home!

We at Ultimate Foam and Fire are Saskatchewan's premier installer of Spray Foam Insulation, we have completed thousands of projects in our community including clients such as: Habitat for Humanity, the Sofia House Women’s Shelter, Ranch Ehrlo, City Hall, Indian Affairs, the RCMP, Mackenzie Art Gallery, Darke Hall, The Globe Theater, and the new Mosaic Stadium. We value the opportunities given to us as an independently owned business, and express our appreciation through donations and support towards important causes and groups, such as: z99’s Radiothon, MADD, Legion, and Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers. 
We often get questioned on what Spray Foam Insulation is and what advantages it offers compared to other insulation methods. Down below we'll go into detail on why we use it and the reasons you should give us a call for your next project.

Sprayfoam Vaulted Ceiling

What is Spray Foam Insulation, and why should I pick it?

Spray Foam Insulation, or “SPF”, is a Medium Density, Closed Cell Polyurethane foam, which is spray-applied using heat and pressure to combine two component chemicals, which react and expand to fill a cavity. SPF Insulation is commonly found in the wall lining of commercial and household freezers, refrigerators, high-end portable coolers and water heaters. Since the 1970’s, it has also been a superior alternative in building construction; used in place of traditional fiberglass batt insulation and vapour barrier systems. Compared to traditional fiberglass methods, which also fills the same wall cavity in a similar way, SPF provides a much higher R-Value per inch of thickness. In a house, R-Value refers to the thermal transfer rate between a conditioned and an unconditioned space (the indoor temperature versus the outdoor temperature). The higher the R-value the longer it would take for the two spaces to equalize temperatures without mechanical aid (ex. Forced-air heating or cooling systems; your furnace or air conditioner). Fiberglass batt and poly systems offer an R-Value rate of 3.5 per inch at best (in ideal conditions, and installed correctly) The SPF we install provides an R-Value of 5.2 per inch. This is an increase of 40% per inch which in return, saves you up to 40% in cooling and heating costs, immediately post-install. Now, we appreciate that there are many ways to reduce your utility bills; turning off lights, turning down the temperature, or even unplugging appliances when they aren't in use. While these efforts may reduce your electrical bill, the majority of your utility costs are actually directly related to heating and cooling your house! Up to 35% of your energy loss can come from your walls alone! The Ultimate way to reduce your utility bills, is by having superior insulation. By significantly improving the insulation in your home, you’ll reduce your utility bills by up to 40%! These savings allow for this investment to pay itself back in as little as 3-4 years. What’s more, you won't need to worry about other curtailing efforts and can instead rest comfortably in your more efficient house. 

spray foam roof

Spray Foam Insulation also creates an air-tight seal that fills in all the nooks and cracks of your house’s shell, providing additional benefits such as: reduced sound transfer between rooms, prevents the development of fungi growth, deters rodents and pests, and provides a vapour barrier in itself (no need for poly!). Its expanding properties give you an air-tight seal that will never shrink, allowing for constant insulation that only needs to be done once.  This means that temperatures in your home will be easier to control, and remain constant during the hottest of or, let's be real, the coldest of Canadian seasons.
Our spray foam has zero O-zone Depleting Potential (ODP) and has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP), making it an Eco-friendly insulation that will not deteriorate, sag, or settle for over 80 years, protecting the value of your investment.
Residential Building & Fire code requires all Spray Foam Insulation that is installed in the vicinity of a heat emitting device, an ignition source, in an area where it will be exposed to sunlight, or in any area deemed a dwelling area (ex. An unoccupied basement is still considered a dwelling area), it must be covered with a 15-minute Thermal Barrier.  This can be obtained with one ½” sheet of drywall, or by a variety of spray-applied Thermal Barrier products.

The Thermal Barrier that fits your needs!

We at Ultimate Foam and Fire are trained to install a variety of spray-applied Thermal Barrier products, and with our product selection, you will be able to choose the Ultimate solution to fit your projects unique needs:

AD FIRE - Type 7TB
This cementitious Thermal Barrier is the budget friendly option in situations where finish is not of great concern. Generally chosen to be utilized in areas that will not be visible on a day-to-day basis or in gathering areas. Areas could include: above suspended ceiling, in mechanical rooms, or in a crawlspace or attic. Cures to a rough dark grey/brown finish.
Flame Seal TB-C
An attractive intumescent Thermal Barrier-Coating, optimal for areas which will be exposed once the project is complete. The standard option cures to a bright white semi-gloss finish; is available in 5 colors.
IFTI - DC315
DC315 is an intumescent coating similar in function to Flame Seal TB-C. This product comes in light grey and can be coated with its approved top coat for color finish, weather, and moisture protection.   
* This product is currently only available to be installed with an independently approved architect/engineer design.

You can rest easy knowing that your project is in good hands, with experienced installers who care about your home and take pride in what they do.

Be sure to see if you are eligible for a grant from the Government, as they can cover up to $5000 for Home Insulation alone; as well as any tax credit you may receive.

If you have any questions about Spray Foam Insulation and how it can improve your home, feel free to contact us at:

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