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Southwest Products

All of the Southwest Fireproofing products we install are comprise of cementitious fireproofing material in the standard density group as defined by industry practice; and is formulated to exceed the minimum standards for this group making it the finest choice in this class of fireproofing.
Cementitious fireproofing is spray-applied to structural components of buildings for fire resistance. Underwriters Laboratories fire test results have qualified it for use in over 100 designs.
A 15 lb./ft³ (240 kg/m³) SFRM intended for the fire protection of interior structural columns, beams, joists, decks, walls, roofs, girders, floors and pre-cast concrete units. It is tested and certified for fire resistance ratings up to 4 hours. 

AD Fire Film 3&4

A/D Firefilm 3&4 are decorative, fiber free, thin film intumescent coatings designed for the fire protection of steelwork for up to a 3-hour fire rating, depending on the design. The recommended use for this product is fireproofing of interior steel beams, columns, tubes, and pipes.
UL/ULC, ITS and ICC-ES designs for many types of steel sections. Up to 3-hour fire resistive ratings for both interior general purpose and interior conditioned space applications.
LEED Certified: A Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification is the most widely used global standard that recognizes buildings that are efficient, cost-effective, and better for occupants and the environment. LEED certification can be applied to new or existing buildings and homes looking to become sustainable.

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