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Agricultural Insulation
Cattle Dish Sprayfoam

We, at Ultimate Foam and Fire, are Saskatchewan’s premier installer of Spray Foam Insulation and spray-applied Thermal Barrier systems. We have completed thousands of projects for both Urban and Rural communities across Saskatchewan. Our projects have taken us to all corners of the province, including: Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Kindersley, Assiniboia, Moss Bank, Stoughton, Estevan, Moosomin, Echo Lake, Pasqua Lake, Last Mountain Lake, Arlington Beach, Yorkton, Preeceville, Hudson Bay, Prince Albert, La Ronge, La Loche, Piapot First Nation, Pasqua First Nation, Carry The Kettle First Nation, and many towns and farmlands in between! We’ve installed our products in a variety of applications and locations, and into a variety of building types, including: farmsteads, lake cabins and cottages, Quonsets, pole sheds, seed-cleaning plants, ice fishing shacks, utility vehicles/campers, trailers, boats, floating docks, wildlife observatory buildings, and storage vessels. With our experience and expertise, you can be sure that your next project will be fitted with only the best products by certified installers who take pride in what they do, and enjoy a unique challenge.
By selecting the best products on the market, we provide one of the highest R-Values currently available in Canada; with an R-Value of 5.20 per inch. Spray foam Insulation is the Ultimate choice over traditional batt and poly systems as it expands to fill crevices and can provide an excellent seal for a variety of building materials*. It also providing additional benefits such as: reduced sound transfer, prevents the development of fungi growth, deters rodents and pests, and provides a vapour barrier in itself (no need for poly!). Its expanding properties give you an air-tight seal that will never shrink, allowing for constant insulation that only needs to be done once, this insulation that can withstand the harshest Canadian Prairie climate factors. In addition, we can provide insulation in applications where batt and poly systems just aren’t feasible, whether its due to lack of accessibility for install, or unique climate or location considerations, we can work together to figure the best products and solutions for your unique needs.  
Our spray foam has zero O-zone Depleting Potential (ODP) and has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP), making it an Eco-friendly insulation that will not deteriorate, sag, or settle for over 80 years, protecting the value of your investment.
* Including: wood, concrete, gypsum board, ABS, PVC, cPVC, bare steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, pre-painted surfaces, aluminum, fiberboard, glass, polypropylene and polyethylene, asphalt and tar, earth. As well as transitioning between any combination of these; an approved engineering design may be required.

If Spray Foam Insulation is installed in the vicinity of heat emitting devices or ignition sources, it requires a minimum 15-minute Thermal Barrier, as per building code regulations. This can be obtained with one ½” sheet of drywall where design and accessibility allows, or by a variety of spray-applied Thermal Barrier products.
We at Ultimate Foam and Fire are trained to install a variety of spray-applied Thermal Barrier products, and with our product selection, you will be able to choose the Ultimate solution to fit your projects unique needs:

AD FIRE - Type 7TB
This cementitious Thermal Barrier is the budget friendly option in situations where finish is not of great concern. Generally chosen to be utilized in areas that will not be visible to the general public post-completion of the project. Areas could include: above suspended ceiling, in mechanical rooms, or in crawlspaces or attics. Formulated with vermiculite and Portland cement, it is an excellent choice for high humidity areas as it resists moisture well. It has high durability to physical damage which can be beneficial in high-traffic areas, such as loading docks, storage areas, or maintenance shops. It is non-combustible, asbestos, mineral wool, and styrene -free. It is non-corrosive and can be installed near and in-contact with bare steel, which may also provide heat protection of structural steel in the event of a fire. 
Cures to a rough dark grey/brown finish.

Flame Seal TB-C
An attractive intumescent Thermal Barrier-Coating, optimal for areas which will be exposed to the general public once the project is complete. Intumescent coatings create a protective layer of Carbon Foam when exposed to a fire or extreme heat, thus blocking the fire and preventing heat from transferring to the Spray Foam Insulation beneath. Once cured this product is impact resistant, and does not require a top coat for protection.
This product must not be covered or painted over, as this would affect its protective and reaction properties.
The standard option cures to a bright white semi-gloss finish; is available in 5 colors.

IFTI - DC315
DC315 is an intumescent coating similar in function to Flame Seal TB-C. However, it can be applied in one coat, therefore reducing total application time. 
This product comes in light grey and can be coated with its approved top coat for color finish, weather, and moisture protection.   
* This product is currently only available to be installed with an independently approved architect/engineer design.


At Ultimate Foam and Fire, we pride ourselves on the installation of our products with years of experience, continuous education, and proper use of safety equipment; for both ourselves and protecting those around us, including other workers, the public, and the environment. Our staff members are competent and reliable, certified in all of our product, safety, and equipment needs. 
Regardless of the size or complexity of your next project, you can be certain it will be completed to industry standards by experienced installers.

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